Trutest : Detector Sensitivity Tester

Detector sensitivity can, and does drift. When this occurs it can lead to false alarms, late alarms or no alarms. Trutest is designed to measure smoke detector sensitivity quickly, easily, accurately and professionally.

Trutest works by introducing a smoke aerosol through the vents of the detector, and operates on a precision, closed loop system. This then measures obscuration and feeds back information to the user.

*Trutest is not available in all countries, please contact us for regional availability.

Why use Trutest:

  • Measures detector sensitivity
  • Battery operated
  • Calibrated results in % /ft
  • Automatically self-calibrates before each test
  • Suits most detectors
  • UL Listed

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How does it work

Trutest is assembled with ease, the head unit connects to a Solo access pole and leads connect the head unit to the control panel. From this point the detector type and profile are selected from the panel and a detector sensitivity test can be initiated.

The smoke level is automatically increased until the detector enters alarm at which point the test can be stopped and a reading taken.