Urban Kits Comprehensive media pack Including: Product images Product datasheet Promotional flyer Technical specification Instructions for use Promotional video DOWNLOAD

    Media Pack Contents

    Use these for promoting on websites and in catalogues. There’s a mix of product and application shots showcasing the features of the kits and the sites they are most suited to.

    Designed to present the features of the rucksack and detail the benefits of the kits. Use this for sharing with customers and including in the media section of your website.

    Promotional flyer
    Perfect for trade counters or sending via email, the flyer provides an introduction to the kits and different options available.
    Technical specification
    All the essential weights and dimensions needed for sending and receiving Urban Kits.

    Instructions for use
    Urban Kits feature our new shorter range of poles, the instructions for these feature operational instructions and details on maximum working height.

    Promotional video
    Already on YouTube and used to promote the range, the video focuses on the benefits of using a compact kit and the applications they benefit.